Fully Working Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills – Equestrian Mansion Estate

Fully Working Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills - Equestrian Mansion Estate

Situated in the heart of Agoura Hills lies a magnificent equestrian mansion. Part ranch, part hidden getaway, it is a stunning achievement in the synthesis of modern design and traditional tastes. Covering a sprawling 10-acre lot, this estate is a rare and perfect find for an equestrian-minded individual with a sense for the contemporary.

A Ranch of Comfort and Luxury

The property functions as a fully operational ranch that is ready for immediate move-in. Whether you are newly an equestrian enthusiast or it has been your passion for years, this property delivers a spectacular experience across the board.

Every part of the property is optimized to allow for a smooth transition into life on a ranch. As part of the estate, included are four healthy and gorgeous horses along with a full-time ranch manager. The horses have access to spacious stables, and copious amounts of the property are designated for riding and training.

Every day spent on the property will be an equestrian dream, with the added benefits of state-of-the-art facilities and design. This property has achieved the near-impossible by fusing the sense of ranch life with modernist convenience.

To further add to the genuine ranch experience, the property includes a new John Deere tractor alongside a 2004 Dodge Dooley ready to tow a 4-horse trailer (also included with the sale). 

Hand-Picked Interior

Each of the five bedrooms holds its own unique sense. Through each of them is laced a common thread of elegant taste and refinement, uniting them under a theme of balanced taste. The furniture, much of it selectively imported from France, bears a dignity rarely seen in similar properties.

As you stroll from room to room, you may feel transported to another place and time. Each item of furniture, included in the sale, has been carefully chosen to complement the sensation of an authentic ranch experience awash with the comforts of modern life. Each room of the 5,400-ft property transitions to the next, generating a seamless flow throughout the building as a whole.

As with the bedrooms, the estate’s six-and-a-half bathrooms each offer their own atmosphere. One will provide a sense of vintage bathing on a secluded vista, while yet another lends a touch of rustic sophistication in privacy. All materials and furniture in each bathroom are constructed from high-quality materials chosen for a specific aesthetic and unmatched comfort.

Wide and Ready Exterior

Surrounding the estate are rolling hills that at once provide a sense of openness and comfortable sequestering. You will never feel isolated, but instead enjoy a secluded security amidst the natural beauty of Agoura Hills.

Along the estate, you will find amenities that contribute to relaxation and an active lifestyle. There is a personal tennis court shaded by trees on either side. Toward the rear of the property is a triage of a pool, hot tub, and sauna. Each constructed with an eye for beauty and practicality, ready for you to dive into relaxation after a day of work or riding.

Adjacent to the pool is a fully-equipped grill and bar area, sleek and optimized for gatherings both large and intimate. Whether hosting a large mixer or spending a quiet evening with those closest to you, the area is equally comfortable.

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